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Andrea Electronics                                   

With a combination of a Facebook Sweepstakes, advertising and blog pitching, we were able to increase their Facebook Likes from 75 to over 10,000 in three months.


To increase engagement for their dog treat brand Zuke's Pets, we implimented a photo contest where we asked fans to submit photos showing how much their dog loved Zuke's. The result was over 400 photos and 1,000 engagements.

Your unique campaign will be a mix of these services:

>   Content Creation

​>   Twitter 

​>   Instagram

​>   Advertising

​>   Online Monitoring

​>   Promotions

​>   Blogger outreach​

​>   Email & copywriting

​>   SEO


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Be Different

Over and over again I see companies pushing content that "sells" in stead of content that engages. Social media isn't a billboard. Invest in creativity and dare to go beyond your talking points..