The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make When Participating in Social Media

When looking at a company's Facebook page, it takes about two seconds to determine whether or not they value social media. After all, valuing social media and participating in social media are two totally separate things. These "participating" companies see social media as merely a secondary advertising platform; apparently assuming consumers can't tell the difference. This lack of effort is by far the most common mistake I see.

No one likes a corporate Facebook page so that they can see "Get free shipping" come up seven days in a row. Unfortunately, consumers also could care less about your latest PR hit in Good Housekeeping. News feeds are so cluttered these days, if you are not posting engaging content then you're just spam on a page.

What do I mean when I say engaging? Take the time to learn what your customers want and then...give it to them. A novel concept I know. But this simple step is lacking in much of the corporate culture when it comes to social media. I once stumbled upon the Facebook page of a yogurt shop, trying to find coupons and a list of flavors. Instead all the posts were different knock-knock jokes. I'm not kidding. Obviously this person had no idea what to do with social media, they just knew they "should" be on it.

If you are going to participate, add value! Give coupons, photos and contests. Ask questions. Take stands on issues. The more you care about your posts, the more your audience will care about your products.

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